‘Vikrant Chitale’ – My Sage Round the Corner

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you today the way you are ……Uzma Afreen

My mind was going again and again to Gujarat where Vikrant had decided to set his foot out for monastic life.
Call and mail from him had created a huge agitation in my mind.
His words “I am going to resign and spend couple of months in the search of myself and in search of God” kept ringing in my ears.
His maiden voyage towards spiritual pinnacle – as per his beloved ideology – was enchanting. Still I was bit concerned about him.
On that secluded evening, I was pacing back & forth looking at dusky sky and thinking only about my dear friend Vikrant’s brave but arduous step.
Tears rolled out and I suddenly realized that he is God’s favorite son!!!!!!!
His austerity would become a path-braking example for ordinary people like me.
The beginning of camaraderie
It was the day when (otherwise harsh) life graced me with one of the most precious gift of my life – My dearest friend Vikrant Sudhir Chitale.
It was the day that brought me an angel who would stand by me in my thick and thin, who would continuously remind me about the elusive abode of divine supremacy and who will always – leading by his own example – prove the ancient principles of balanced Physio-spiritual life.
It was our first day in Thermax. During ice-breaking session, I noticed a neat, tidy person carrying a thorough decent look on his face.
He was appearing very intelligent and composed.
“My Name is Vikrant Chitale. Passed out from VIT”. He introduced himself.
The words were indeed very soft and there was a beaming confidence blended with professionalism.
“Hi, I am Vikrant Deshmukh.” I murmured.
“Whoop… So we have two Vikrants here”. Somebody shouted.
“Oh, great” Vikrant looked immensely pleased. Pressing my hand with affection he said, “How beautiful!! So we have a long way to go……”
The warmth is still been intact. The mutual respect has grown multifold.
Today after so many years when I recall this incident, I consider myself lucky to have met this person at very appropriate time.
People wonder how our friendship blossomed, survived and grown inspite of our polar opposite natures.
He is calm, composed and sensitive person while me being impulsive, turbulent and restless creature.
Vikrant is a complete family person with tremendous love, caring & compassion in his heart. I am dry, conservative analytic.
Seriousness with thinking in totality is Vikrant’s fore. On the other hand, chaotic wandering of mind & flickering in decisions is common in my case.
Intelligence Incarnated
Primitive years in Thermax allowed me to take a peep into Vikrant’s intellectual word. His urge of learning new things, brilliant grasping power, hardwork and his uncanny ability to simplify things had a powerful impact on me. Vikrant always use to think away from orthodox perspective thus giving a totally new dimension to the topic. The habit of looking any thing from open mind – thus making its unbiased analysis possible – helps him a lot even today. Like or dislike of subject matter never played a spoilsport in Vikrant’s intake. He learns enthusiastically, revises dedicatedly and applies cleverly.
Friend, philosopher and guide
After the day we have met, I can’t remember a single major decision in my life where I haven’t consulted my buddy. May it be a financial trivia, critical family matter, career strategy, spiritual confusion or just any thing that poses a serious threat to peace of mind, Vikrant’s door is always open for me.
I sometimes get envy at Vikrant’s coolness. Undeterred by worldly assaults, firm with his values & principles and endowed with astonishing temperament Vikrant is rock solid when it comes to responding to crisis. I haven’t seen him bogged down or unnecessarily worrying about situation, environment and/or people. Taking problem heads on with ultra-cool mindset is his unique quality.
In his own backyards

“Live From Moment to Moment” – J Krishnamurthy

A quick look at Vikrant’s life confirms the embodiment of above teaching. He regards every small pleasure of life with uttermost dignity and takes keen interest even in (otherwise) dull chores.
I remember his excitement when we together decided to hit the gym.
I can recall his narrations of maiden Switzerland trip.
Vikrant always exhibits characteristic dutifulness in whatever he does in his personal life. He believes in living life joyfully, morally and divinely.
Spiritualism Personified
The core of my friend is full with burning desire of attaining God, extreme BHAV, devotion to his master and unbreakable faith in our great spiritual heritage. I have been witness to his graceful worships as well as stern SADHANA.
Very humble by nature, Vikrant doesn’t talk at depth about the various mystical experiences he had while traversing on the path towards God.
Ever readiness to sing the glory of almighty, surrendering completely to him and infinite love & respect towards the SADGURU are key corner stones of Vikrant’s spiritual practice.
Looking & observing Vikrant, one gets convinced about the practicality of age-old principles written in scriptures. He is epitome of balanced life. If anybody has a doubt about the possibility of incorporating spirituality into paced & demanding day to day life, come and see my friend!!!!
How can you know a person fully?
As I look back and try to figure out which mould my dear friend belongs to, I almost get lost in multitude of his reminiscences.
Tender hearted, sweet talking Vikrant……..
Sharp, witty yet very straightforward Vikrant………
Trend-setter, experimental Vikrant……
The sincere employee…..Fabulous team member…….outright professional Vikrant
Total devotee by heart…..ideal disciple by action……honest follower by thinking ….. The perfect aspirant Vikrant……..
Meticulous in planning……. Critical in judgments…… Always positive & cheerful Vikrant……
Appreciator of tiny pearls of life……connoisseur of its diverse colors….. My friend with silken heart, Vikrant……..
There will never be dearth of his praises. As we continue to be intimate friends, more and more of his inner world gets unleashed…..and I continue to get dumbfounded….like always…….like ever…….