Happy Days

Day before yesterday I saw Telagu movie called ‘Happy Days’.
Not that I am die-hard fan of films, but when I watch selective movies – after enormous recommendations from different people – I do it wholeheartedly & try to get something out of it !!!
‘Happy Days’ was one damn good artwork. (No, I am not going to write a review here J you know, I am not expert in review-writing or critic, for that matter…)
I don’t understand a single word from Telagu (pretty incomprehensible!!!) but the theme was beautiful, going straight in the heart. To my immense surprise, language didn’t become a barrier – even for a moment. All good creations share this magic of mesmerizing audience without the help of (otherwise paltry ;-)) words.
After three hours of magnificent experience, I was contemplating on the title ‘Happy Days’.
What does it mean?
Is there a thing like happy days and thing like unhappy days?
What makes one’s day happy or sad?
In this movie, bunch of youngsters consider time spent during four years of engineering as ‘Happiest’ days of their life. Having experienced all sweetness and sourness of college life & camouflage often observed then, our characters find these days worth to be cherished all along life.
“It’s possible” I murmured while watching climax very attentively, “When a person gets so much emotionally attached to his or her Alma Mater, carrying memories and becoming sentimental while parting off is very natural”.
The part struck me the most was how the inner-world of these young people get evolved, shaped and woven around the moments of joy & effervescences.
I am sure every college going student passes through this phase. At that point of time, we honestly ‘think’ that these are ‘best days of my life’………Brian Adams has simply echoed our sentiments in ‘Summer of 69’!!!
But what makes one’s day(s) happy?
Things turning out his/her way….conducive & happy environment…. dice heavily loaded in the favor….lots of loving people around…freedom to go out and enjoy …. Having very special person by side – to share everything with …. No worries, no frills…. Heaps of success ….. List could be as lengthy as you could think…..
Surely, with these prerequisites, one stands better chances of making his days happy but sometimes even most desired things do not guarantee happiness. Otherwise Prince Siddhartha would not have become Gautam Buddha !!!!
My take on this – If I AM happy then my days will be happy (don’t fume… this is not that simple statement to make….not superficial either).
In this mortal world, everything is done to bring pleasure to a person and while doing that we often forget the fundamental difference between ‘Pleasure’ and ‘Happiness’. (More on this, some other time…….)
Yet each person has right to be happy and in his own way. After all life is for enjoyment, not for groaning. We should go on intensely enjoying small small dew drops of joy in day-to-day life, without bothering about rest of the world and its weird behavior.
And that’s why when Chandu, Madhu, Shravantika, Tyson, Apu and other characters from the movie termed their college years as ‘Happy Days’, I smiled 🙂 🙂 🙂