Beating The Heat (???)

Some respite finally !!!
After two weeks of scorching heat and ever rising mercury, Pune witnessed some marginal drop in temperature – thanks to strong blowing tropical wind !!!
This summer is really been very tough. Heat waves, dry air & absolute clear sky that hold no clouds caused the exceptionally hot condition. What a brutal burning it has been……
One may blame it on global warming, pollution, unprecedented (and unorganized) growth, sever cutting of green belts ……so on so forth…….. Whatever the cause may be, climatic conditions are not going to be easily predictable in future.
We blow our trumpets for every invention that helps us to measure & predict weather. However, nature always has its ultimate say. And it is proven time & again.
Not that our Ecologists and metrological labs are useless. But the way things are rapidly changing on the surface of the earth, it has become extremely difficult to guess precisely the climatic impacts.
Interestingly, our tolerance limits are going down day by day. While in primitive stages of development, we had our own unique ways of tackling external discomforts. With advent of technology and easy availability of mechanical equipments, I think, we are losing our endurance slowly slowly.
We are becoming overly dependent on amenities falsely assuming them the ultimate solace. Worse, we are forgetting that they re to be put for limited use.
We are not in sync with Nature anymore.
One of the disadvantages of civilization and uncontrolled developments is you creating a separate layer of living that doesn’t have any harmony with external world & its dynamics.
And when cosmic forces show their might, you simply crumble!!!
What would human species do to save themselves and save ambience around them?
Awareness about environment & ecological system might be just a beginning.
We need solid, transformative initiatives at all levels to come out of this false pace of material life. We should pay heed to the mysterious, subtle signal nature gives us.
We also want determined, all inclusive efforts, precise actions and passionate involvement by everybody.
I have read somewhere, “This is the last generation who can do something to save earth and leave it as a good staying place for our children & grandchildren”…. True…… How True !!!
P.S. – While writing this blog, I had a strong craving for Thomas Friedman’s masterpiece “HOT, FLAT and CROWDED”. I am going to read it soon. Try to get across this beautiful book having a very walloping tagline ‘Why the world needs a green revolution – And how we can renew our global future’.