Deshmukh…. Name is Vikrant Deshmukh !!

First things first. Miracles do happen.
How can you otherwise describe the survival of a little wildflower (Read : me) with no colour, no beauty, no fragrance, with just no special quality ??
Folks, sorry, but I am not still used to this complex beast called as ‘Life’….
Struggling seeker in me continues to chase the big dreams at far end of zenith…
As the day passes, I look at the open sky, pause & ask myself “What difference it made to me today?”
Monologue is on and on and on ……Introspection is the name of the game.
Sometimes I seriously observe people around me and wonder in how many ways people enjoy themselves!!
“Kaise Kaisenko diya hai, Aise vaisenko diya hai, Ab to Muzko lift kara de, Thodisi to life kara de” I can hear Adnan Sami singing somewhere far……
Secluded paths keep haunting me…..
Unreached destinations keep calling me……
Divine pinnacles keep inviting me….I
can read Paul Branton’s words “Be Still & Know, I am the GOD”.
Mr. Vikrant Deshmukh is pretty simple person, we can say.
Yup, he possesses very sensitive & tender heart. Not to forget his logical reasoning abilities.
“The longest journey is the journey within” I now read the hanging board….
So far I am always a giver….Somebody taught me ‘Attitude of Gratitude’…. Other one told me about persistence… Everyday is learning… I am picking up things or two from every major event that passes by….
India’s giant warship was named – very aptly – ‘Vikrant’!
My battles are unending…The meaning of Sanskrit word ‘Vikrantu’ is ‘Great Warrior’ !!!
Come on miseries, griefs, pains, adversities….I am always ready, though little tired but not defeated…..

“Tear drop rolls and melts,
Struggling seeker caresses his wide sorrows,
Gets back to itinerary quiet restlessly”

 (‘My Haikus’ by Vikrant Deshmukh)

Mr Vikrant always prefers to wear mask of cheerful and happy person.
He doesn’t like anybody to know about his inner turmoil…rather he wants everybody to enjoy his company …..For this insignificant person, spreading happiness is the only option available to leave some mark here…….
Yeah. Mr. Vikrant believes in ‘Present’ tense. Today, here and now !!
Still, one would like to wish him all the best for his spine-chilling take on happenings around him…..Salute to his resolute mind, everlasting spirit & warmth he carries in his heart….