In The ‘Troubled’ Waters…..

Unprecedented Water cuts in Pune. I don’t know how to react on this……
Pune is always known as Green city and it never got bruised on water front.
But this year, situation is really bad. Main reservoirs have dried up. Dams have meager supply – inadequate to cater gigantic demand from all quadrants of city.
To err is human and to repeat errors without learning lessons is ‘Government’ and ‘Indians’!!!
We seldom learn from past and we never proactively plan for future. We pat our backs for so called ‘crisis management’ but never really believe in ‘Pokayoke’ – a Japanese term for mistake-proofing.
At the wake of this 30% water cut (which is first-of-its-kind situation for Pune in last 40 years) I have few questions popping up in my mind.
1. Why water discharge for agricultural usage continued till 30th May whereas the normal cut-off in the past used to be 15th May?
2. With the kind of down pouring we observe in catchment areas, every year PWD is forced to release water that floods Mutha and downstream rivers like Bheema. So its pretty clear that the capacity of our dams has to be increased to store more water and to avoid unnecessary wastage of precious fall water. While Pune’s consumption growing multifold, why nobody has pondered on capacity expansion of major dams?
3. When are we coming out of geo-political compulsions and come up with new irrigation & water supply schemes are different parts rather than expecting everything to get fed by Krishna Valley?
4. Where is water-management? Why PMC doesn’t enforce uniform water distribution, water meters and water saving drives?
5. Like “Earth-Worm breeding” or “waste-disposal” projects, why municipal authorities don’t insist on rain-water harvesting projects in housing societies and bungalows? In fact, they can come up novel ideas like discounts in property taxes for the households implementing rain-water harvesting.
6. Are we serious enough on arresting water leakages happening all cross city owing to inferior hardware quality, wrong (and sometimes stupid) designs & layouts, shortage of maintenance people etc etc?
7. Why to curse only slums? Stories often make round about many societies having illegal, unauthorized water connections. This is seen especially in upcoming areas which got included in corporation limits recently. These politician-turned-builders might be pressurizing civic authorities and/or using their own crude ways to obtain water connections for new buildings they construct. Who and will account for such non-legitimate water supplies? And how?
8. Why common Punekars use drinking water to wash their vehicles? Why can’t they use bore-well water or get it done from washing centers?
9. Why so many buildings still don’t have automatic water level control mechanisms which will trip lifting pump, avoiding spilling from overhead tanks?
10. And why still after so many years, we recurringly fail to predict monsoon and its behavior with fair degree of accuracy? Though we are well versed with the wild gyrations in quantity & quality of tropical rain, can’t we devise some robust models to foresee and cope up with that? How long you expect to be haplessly dependent on nature? …….
Time to wake up guys………