Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

“So When do you know it is love?”

Question stays on mind a little longer …. Things or two left lingering by this juvenile film ‘Jane Tu Ya Jane Na’ are not ready to fade away…
Watch out for simple philosophy of livelihood in new era –

“Hey Aditi Maan Kabhi Kabhi Saare Jahan Me Andhera Hota Hai
Lekin Raat Ke Baad Hi Toh Savera Hota Hai”

Jane Tu is film of youth, by youth and for youth but the golden truth of life reiterated here is age-less and probably everlasting…

“Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi Me Yun Hi Koi Apna Lagta Hai
Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Woh Bichad Jaye Toh Ek Sapna Lagta Hai”

In real life also, we share such a good bond with someone… mere thought of parting off is a nightmare!! Love blossoms only and only when somebody starts touching the inner-most chord of a person. Realization could be deferred, not the feeling. You know or not, when cupid strikes, its always going to be a saga of involvement, being sensitive to each other and that soft corner of the heart. And it preludes in many forms – notably friendship. Like Jay (Imran Khan) and Aditi (Genelia) share.

“Soch Zara Jaane Ja Tujuko Hum Kitna Chahte Hain
Rote Hai Hum Bhi Agar Tere Aankhon Me Aansun Aate Hain
Gaan Toh Aata Nahi Hai Magar Fir Bhi Gaate Hain”

Aditi has become inseparable part of Jai’s life. In tiny moments, on big occasions, in twists & turns of the life… she is there. While enjoying somebody’s company so extensively, you develop intimacy… this closeness often leads to the brightest emotion of mankind i.e. Love. Poor Jai and Aditi don’t know this…they keep on ignoring it and mistaking this sprout of romance for just another camaraderie…
It takes many ups and downs in the walk of life for both of them to realize that they can’t live happily without each other…. Short & sweet story where there is good-looking chocolate hero, there is zealous extremely beautiful heroine but no villain, no sobbing on foul occasions, no inhuman sacrifices, just nothing outrageous… Fate & circumstances play the spoil sport in Jai & Aditi’s story which is again not very uncanny in real life. The story revolves around the baseline – Not realizing the place of love in our life in time.
But separated souls have to meet again…. Broken couples are to come together again….. Parted birds ought to reach their beloved ones again…. That’s the universal truth – from the books of romance !!

“Ki Aditi Woh Jo Bichadte Hain Ik Na Ik Din Fir Mil Jate
Yeh Aditi Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na Phool Fir Khil Jate Hain”

Jane Tu perfectly comments upon the obscurity often found in our relationships. Life is too short to be wasted on wrong person. When you feel perfectly happy in somebody’s company – a bit longer, heart twinkles saying aloud “This is it”. Somebody should listen it – and listen it at first place. Feelings often go unnoticed in crazy pace of material world. Jane Tu preaches us to pay attention to our inner voice which keeps on radiating suggestive signs. Movie tries to sensitize the charm of togetherness which, at times, is found only after Herculean wandering.
Accolades to Amir & entire crew of Jane Tu for such fine craftwork. Genelia looks auriferous and sizzling. She is cute & delightful all along the movie in the role of ‘Aditi’. Bubbling, carefree but tender Aditi portrayed by Genelia will be remembered for long time for her intense performance. Imraan, playing Jai, acted fabulously making his own impression. Joyful, soft-spoken, innocent Jai and his inner turmoil while in wild gyrations of relationship are perfectly exhibited by Imraan. Both look ravishingly fresh and compliment each other in respective characters.
As said earlier, this is movie of young generation and their take on silken & feeble matters of life.
Must watch for heart-winning acts, sentiment-stirring roleplay and ever gorgeous Genelia……………….!!!!