Letter to Lord Ganesha

Dear Lord Ganesha,
You are considered as GOD of wisdom. God of arts & sciences. God of Goodwill. God of well being. God of reminding our own self.
You are son of Lord Shanakara and Mata Adishakti. So naturally you are God of Power and Divine supremacy.
Ganesha, your symbols, your altars, your belongings, your likings …. everything is so enchanting and knowledgeful…. All VIDYAS originate from you…. As I grew up, I got attracted to the core philosophy in your BHAKTI…
त्वमेव प्रत्यक्षम तत्वमसि
त्वमेव सर्वं खल्विदं ब्रम्हासी
त्वं साक्षात् आत्मासी नित्यम्
Your looks are magical. The smile on your face, the warmth & space you carry in your big stomach to accommodate all types of SHISHYAS, the ever-ready shower of divine grace, the refreshing looks…. Everything so pristine and so elevating !!
It is said that whoever worships you with love & purity, gets enlightened in no time. It is also said that you bring loads of happiness and serenity in his life.
Dear Ganesha, here is one poor chap knocking at your door. I may not be as pure as saints, I may not be as intelligent as sages who wrote scriptures describing your unfathomable nature, I may not be rich to offer you the best of the world, I may not be your most earnest worshipper and I certainly may not be your greatest disciple. But GOD, I have come to your feet with sincere heart and lots of hope. I am trying to praise you with my own tiny articles named – Body, mind & intellect.
I know, you are beyond words. But with my little understanding and tremendous faith, I sing your victories and majesty.
GOD, please show me the light. Favor me and give that unconditional wisdom – wisdom which will become lantern for me in this dark night of the soul.
Please endow me with super-power intelligence, self-remembrance and sharpness of brain all the time.