Little Champs

Much awaited SA RE GA MA Little champ final is over. What an ecstatic experience this entire show had been!!!!
These five kids really had a divine gift in form of their voices. All of them sing flawlessly and swiftly yet merrily. As we keep on cherishing their success, humming their glories and rejoicing the joy they gave to all of us, we should not forget relentless efforts taken by their parents and mentors.
While it was a real test for judges and JUNTA to select a winner among five top-notch singers, I think Kartiki immerged as a popular choice. She has won purely on SMS count and nobody would deny that. She hails from a small town or she attracts first-hand sympathy owing to her simple ‘girl-next-door’ looks but still the range and depth she shown was very good. I liked rustic touch & novelty in her voice. Though devotional songs were her core competency, she tried her hand in wide number of other types as well.
The best part about her singing was her unique style. People loved her so voted for her. May God continue her rise.
While Kartiki won the competition, my personal favorites were Arya and Mugdha.
Mugdha is the cutest girl I have seen in any reality show. I never stop worshipping her for all praiseworthy qualities she possesses. With her innocence, very animated facial expressions and liveliness, she left a permanent mark on everybody’s mind. Watching & hearing her was an amazing treat of its kind. I wish she continue to be sweet and auriferous like this forever. (She will :-)… my mind says so)
In days to come, as she will grow, surely we will be privileged to experience the magic of her enchanting voice in much larger magnitude.
Arya looked stunning, sung exceptionally well, carried herself with great dignity and passion. She always appeared composed (which left me wandering why in past she was termed as “angry young girl”!!!!) and had a good command on her voice. Like Kartiki, she experimented in almost all genres of music though she was at her best singing traditional folk songs LAVANI.
If Mugdha’s voice is tender, beautiful, fresh petal with dew drops shining on it, Aryas performances remind me that of fully blossomed, colouful flowers dancing rhythmically on cosmic tune. (More on that, in my next blog).
A quick word on Prathamesh too…. He deserves to be a winner. Boy!!! What a voice !!! What a depth !!! He is true Konkan – Gandharva.
I also can’t forget Shamika, Shalmali, Rohit, Sharayu, Avanti and all other kids who gave me feast of great, great music. Thank you all.
Winning and losing are part and parcel of life. Competitions will come and go. But the good time & enormous pleasure these kids offered us was invaluable. May Almighty keep all of them well grounded and grace them with infinite success. Amen.