My Maiden Heartthrob….

I still get thrilled on hearing the honk of WDM diesel engine used for Indian Railways. I have also traveled a lot with WAP type electric trains but my ultimate love & loyalty lies with diesel locomotives. Yes, till date I am ardent fan of WDM.
There are many ecstatic things about diesel locos…….
Unique shape, pristine body, eye-catching colors, ALCO exhaust, graceful moving, melodious whistles and swaggering momentum…..
It’s a shear delight to watch this giant beast hauling the entire train with might.
I often remember – in my childhood – the whistle & peculiar sound of acceleration that WDM generates, used to enchant me excessively.
I spent hours together watching the diesel locos shunting, coupling & decoupling with trains & especially when it is on its run.
Narrow-gauge locos didn’t excite me as much as broad-gauge ones and I always liked “Long-Hoods” over “Short-Hoods”. (Now what is that???)
The world of railways is very enticing, eventful and charming. Diesel locos are royal reigns of this kingdom!!!!! (Big applause…..).
I know, I know, you are unable to understand this…….
While I go to get transfixed by moving WDM once again, you can visit for information about all locomotives and many other aspects of Indian Railways …..