Ten Things That Make Me Emotional…

I am pretty dry person by nature. Partly because of predominant left brain inclination, partly because my active exploitation in this ruthless professional world at very early age or partly because of my acquired skill of staying unruffled in mad pace !!!
Still there are few things which make me feel very sentimental. Here is one such not-so-comprehensive list of sights and/or things that mellow my heart and produce occasional tear drops…..

  1. Person eating alone
  2. Old aged person massaging his feet himself
  3. The train parting from the platform
  4. The lone idol at secluded temple on ‘off-day’
  5. Father carrying his son/daughter on his shoulder
  6. Joy & enthusiasm on the face of poor person in festive season
  7. Sleeping person, curling his feet near stomach
  8. Guy with glasses and woeful, poor face
  9. The long mountain ranges
  10. Some verses from Bhagvadgita like “Nimittmatram Bhav Savyasachin” or “Twam Titikshaswa Bharat” which are considered as God’s direct commandments