The Conjuration Called Mugdha

(टीप – मागे ब्लॉगवर प्रकाशित केलेला या लेखाचा काही भाग वाचकांना खुपच आवडला. त्यावर प्रतिक्रीया म्हणून पूर्ण लेख इथे द्यावा अश्या धर्तीच्या अनेक विनंत्या आल्या. जवळचे मित्र-मैत्रिणी व मुग्धाच्या चाहत्यांनीही याबाबत सुचवले. प्रोजेक्टच्या कामात व्यस्त असल्याने मला जुना डेटा काढून अपलोड करणे शक्य होत नव्हते. आता या नाताळच्या सुट्टीत मात्र हे काम प्राधान्याने करत आहे !!! तसेही हा लेख लिहून बरोबर एक वर्ष पुर्ण होत आहे म्हणून याच आठवड्यात पुनर्प्रकाशनाचे औचित्य साधले.
काही संदर्भ तात्कालीन असले तरी विषय प्रस्तुत लेखकाच्या अतिशय जिव्हाळ्याचा व प्रेरणादायी असल्याने त्याला परत एकदा इथे सादर करताना आनंदच होतो आहे.
This is definitely one of my best articles written in English………….)
28 July 2008.
I still very vividly remember this day when I saw & heard Mugdha Vaishampayan first time.
It was one of those misty nights in early monsoon. Bustling on streets had nearly vanished. I was taking
a casual stroll in my balcony savoring the beauty of occasional sprinkling.
I am not an avid tele-viewer anyway. So instead of watching this newly started music reality show ‘Sa ReGa Ma Little Champs’ on zee Marathi, I chose to take few rounds outside. In between, I could hear kids performing one by one and getting applauded.
Light wind was blowing across my face. The fragrance of wet soil was enamoring.
Suddenly I heard the most ecstatic words of that evening from a very naïve but refreshing voice. ‘Akash Pangharoni, Jag shant zopale he’ (Marathi song – roughly meaning ‘When the entire world is resting peacefully under vast sky……’). I was awestruck..……..
The power in those words pulled me to it with great force. The voice was simply enchanting. I rushed in to see who was performing.
On my LG screen, I saw a stunningly cute and immensely innocent face, singing with calm & composed demeanor.
Clad in light pink dress, she would have been the most gorgeous contestant I ever saw in any reality show. She was rendering this beautiful composition in literally breathstopping manner.
“Who is she?” I screamed with paramount anxiety.
“Mugdha Vaishampayan, from Alibag.” pat came the reply from my parents who were glued to TV set and were equally mesmerized.
Little did I know that this name would go on and engulf my life completely in a year or so.
Mugdha won hearts of thousands of viewers and music lovers by her marked style.
The ease with which she accomplishes fiery numbers in a show or on stage in public appearance is simply astonishing.
Though her tender voice portrays fervent emotions extremely well, she had astounding command over wholesome range of all genres –folk, devotional, classical and modern foottapping ones!!
She has inherent talent, required base knowledge and has worked strenuously to understand the thread-bare of music. Her natural trait is singing in bright notes i.e. in high octave. However, she also furnishes softer melodies and soul touching songs with utmost perfection.
When I heard Mugdha singing extremely difficult ‘Radhadhar Madhumilind’, my jaws fell apart in disbelief. I experienced same perplexing when she attempted ‘Vikalman Aaj’, ‘Ang Ang Tav Anang’, ‘Hurhur Asate’ or ‘Ugavala Chandra Punavecha’ and many more.
These all are thorough challenging and difficult tracks by any benchmark.
How lucidly she accomplished those!!!
Her exceptionally brilliant undertakings prove one thing again & again – she had worked arduously on her gifted voice.
Hardworking, studious & critical Mugdha dives deep in whatever she does.
Style comes very swiftly to Mugdha. Or we can say her entire personality is so alluring that anything she does, there is elegance in it.
Her mellifluent voice, her sugared pronunciations, her majestic entries on stage, her tapping on mike by tiny fingers, her dignified body language, her heart-touching gestures, her sparkling and photogenic eyes, her winsome smile…. everything is filled with great panache.
But the main point is that she carries it with lifelike ease.
Never, never she wore any artificial mask or attained forced flair for the sake of others. She stuck to her instincts and that innocence sets Mugdha apart from other contestants.
Have you ever heard mystic sound of ocean waves on full moon night?
Have you ever heard the shrill voice of tropical wind while cutting across those tall Bamboo woods?
Have you ever heard the melody created by falling raindrops and its background cloud?
And have you ever heard, in your lifetime, the peculiar rhythmic music originated from you every moment by your own breathing?
Mugdha’s singing reminds us all those cosmic tunes being played in the universe uninterruptedly.
Her voice has magical charm of elevating the agitated mind to a different soothing & enriching realm of pure bliss.
Mugdha has very special way of delivering her songs.
It’s effervescent, at the same time full with fascinating maturity that portrays any sentiment perfectly.
She doesn’t stray from core theme but innovatively adds her own things or two in any composition. This improvisation often multiplies the beauty of original song and makes it worth remembering – purely for Mugdha!!!
Those who have seen her performing will unanimously vouch for one thing – She exhibits tremendous confidence. This blended with amazing simplicity and characteristic innocence, makes her rendition the unique experience of its own kind!!!
“How you handle this newly gained celebrity hood?” somebody on TV asked little Mugdha excitedly.
Her very first reaction to this was slightly raised eyebrows and a big question mark spread all over her face.
‘What the damn thing is this?’ she might have murmured to herself.
Mugdha’s premier virtues – simplicity & down-to-earth conduct – are very much intact even at the wake of runaway success and monumental popularity. People who know her from close quadrants say that she has not changed at all!!!!
Keeping one’s feet strongly grouted on ground amidst of such huge acclaim is a sign of great artist. And Mugdha, through her splendid example, essays this point time and again.
Mugdha’s songs may not be classically best or popular chart-busters by market standard but the overall effect she induces is very entrancing.
She never imitates anybody.
She never gets carried away trying unnecessarily ALAAP or TAAN.
And she never ever allows the technicality of song to overpower her own style of singing.
Yet the very prominent feature of Mugdha is the melodious web she weaves by encircling any number.
The manner, in which she renders her voice to any emotion, turns that verse into gold.
Mugdha and her parents know very well that, if properly cultivated, this voice is going to be the most memorable one in near future.
‘Mugdha Vaishampayan’ has become a familiar name in every household of Maharashtra after her dream run in ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Little Champs’.
Kids are taking inspiration from her.
Their parents are adoring her for her shear praiseworthy qualities.
Oldies are thanking her for reviving the golden era of ‘their’ time and making them nostalgic.
Experts are raving her for depth, understanding and grueling efforts.
Music lovers are having a feast of her peachy singing day and night.
The incantation caused by Mugdha is not ready to reside. It has refilled liveliness in every strata of Marathi world.
Brand ‘Mugdha’ is a smash hit………………..
Reminiscences of Mugdha and her delightful appearances keep on playing in mind.
She stormed straight into the inner world of listeners – showering happiness, joy and auriferous music.
She, with four other little champs – fondly called as PANCHRATNA (meaning ‘five gems’) – not only transfused the profound liking for singing among many but also resurrected Marathi Music to regain its erstwhile glory & pride.
Mugdha’s saga continues…..
Her repertoires continue to lighten our lives…..
Her sweet, Godly voice continues to haunt……
Her delicate vocals continue to touch our souls and produce occasional tear drops….
Final winner or not, the aroma of divine flower ‘Mugdha’ will keep on dwelling in hearts of her fans till eternity!!!

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