‘V’ for Voting

It is a shameful fact for all of us to know that the biggest democracy in the word (Read: India) has voting percentage ranging between 40 to 50% average. This means, our leaders & rulers are chosen by only half of the population ….and out of this 40% , everybody knows, who the majority of folks are!!!!!
There is no point in cursing the pathetic governance and all-round chaos after the thieves, goons, corrupted, criminals & looters take over the crown. If you are willing to do something – not for society, but for you & your family – same needs to be done before letting them elected through an easy win. And the very first & primitive thing to be done is to VOTE.
Political parties would never encourage educated people to vote as learned person can easily distinguish between good and bad – at least he is expected to do so!!! It’s always easy for parties to ‘buy’ slums & under poverty class rather than convincing a well learnt person based on their ideology & development plans. But now one has to decide whether or not to fall prey to such age old gimmicks.
Choice is yours. Continue showing apathy towards your constitutional rights, use Election Day holiday for picnics & funfair and then continue suffering in all walks of the life for next five years.
Or else participate vigilantly in electing your representative who can bring incremental changes (if not radical) around you.
Every constituency normally has one or two candidates who rise above all political theatricals and really aspire to serve people in most possible noble way. They lack money & mass support but their intents are pretty honest.
You have to look for these ‘few-good-men’ and send them to be part of our nation’s strategy & policy formation.
You have to identify such sincere and dedicated people and give them an opportunity to implement their ideas for betterment of society.
Remember, every vote counts. So cast a vote this time ….. And cast in favor of deserving one. Right to vote is your strength and you have to use it very very effectively.