Come Back Mr ‘V’..

The other day Mr. ‘V’ came to me almost exhausted. I wanted to ask him whether he still holds any energy to talk about his life situation – or plight, you can say !!!

He nodded in disapproval. I couldn’t make out anything. A very hallmark expression of hopelessness, tiring and deception was there on his face already.

I offered him glass of water. This secluded evening was making our faces even more gloomy. So I tried to bring forced smile on my face, hoping to transcend some confidence.

“You see, this is not fair”. ‘V’ murmured. I listened attentively as if he is pouring out his heart to me first time.

“I am always been a good person in my life. Helped whoever needs me. Personal priorities always took back seat.” V paused for a moment. Perhaps with a feeling of giving up. “Sincerity is no more a virtue. It looks good only in books. What remains with you is stark reality of life…. you are what you are”. I sighed. Philosophy is not my cup of tea !!!

“Look at the world. There are no paybacks for good deeds”. I must say, ‘V’ looked in terrible state of mind.

“Its beyond my comprehension to analyze things happening with me. Its insane. And I don’t deserve this. Everything is illusion, they say. But what I get to experience is very gross. I can feel it. I live with it. How can I outrightly reject all those sorrows, seet and sour moments, the uncertaiities, the choked emotions and the restlessness?… This is not On”

He stood up. I didn’t know what to do.

“I must find out where all this ends” he said with firmness in his voice. “However arduous may be the journey, it’s better to go to the root of everything”. I could just smile wryly. It’s not that he hasn’t tried this path before. Don’t know why, but every time he met with failure. I seriously wanted to call him back.

But it was too late……. I could only see his shrinking figure briskly walking away from me on that dusky evening…

Come back V. I need you………………..


My Caricature

People who have seen me would vouch for one thing. I am the delight for cartoonist. With all out-of-proportion features on my body and equally funny facial expressions, my snaps turn into good cartoons which invaribaly bring smile on the faces of viewers !!

But I never thought that somebody will draw my caricature in real. So when I saw this picture, I was stunned and couldn’t resist my laughter……

Salute to the great artist Minanath Dhaske for capturing me in this funny pose. Hope my readers will also enjoy this wonderful artwork !!!

Appearing on Television

Yesterday, in a single day, I appeared twice on different television channels !!!!

I was attending the Megafinal of Marathi music reality show “Idea Sa Re Ga Ma” at Andheri, Mumbai. We had special passes those are normally awarded to Zee Employees. So could watch and enjoy the show from very close quadrants. It was dream coming true. Those hundreds of glorious lights… that thunderous applause…….one of the best sound system that you can ever find in ground events……. nerve-wrecking songs…… my favorite judges Avadhoot Gupte and Dr. Saleel Kulkarni…. Anchor Pallavi Joshi…… It was out and out feast for three hours……

Thanks Zee Marathi for this show that has touched our souls… I was shot few times while watching the show.

Secondly, the episode where we had received awards and spoke few things about blogging, was telecasted on ‘Star Maza’ channel yesterday night. I got the opportunity to share the studio with eminet personality Achyut Godbole.

Thanks Prasanna, Aniket and Deepak for this !!!!!!