Random Thoughts – 1

This is getting insane now ! Afternoon keep on haunting me….

I can let go the golden morning, I am not particularly enthusiastic about the saffron evening and I am certainly not avid star-gazer who keep on longing to shiny nights.

I am the traveller who gets lost in lifeless heat of afternoon.

Looking at zenith, my mind recalls the tiny moments of cool breeze. I can’t stop getting astonished… The life has been a complex puzzle. And the faculty of memory is killer element nature has implanted in us…..

Let me confess…. I don’t belong to this cult….. I don’t belong to those masks…… I don’t belong to this city that keeps on appearing in unknown form everyday…….. and I certainly don’t belong to this world where YOU are confined to bones & flesh !!!!!!

Surprisingly, no one cares about pulling one more day – as if they are immortal 🙂

Distanced tunes makes my heart mellow. I am a man of melody. Any voice can make me dwell into past and drift my mind in unfathomable depths of infinite. The feelings are difficult to explain in words…. that looks so paltry…

One day – yes, one day – this octave of vocal tones will manifest fully in my heart. I am damn sure about it. My only wish is to be free from this gravity and burden of my own weight while I sway in that harmony…