The Debt

Another metaphorical piece written by me – “The Debt”!
In this poem, a small boy keeps on asking his father perennial questions about their current situation and wonders why their efforts didn’t get proportionate results. Father tries to inform the kid in simple terms about the obligations & liability they carry. There are passing pointers to Karmic influences, planetary controls and Past birth regression – left to the free-whirl interpretations of reader’s mind.

That was the day, damp and gloomy
the kid asked Dad, “Can you tell me?
We had enough, earned just fine
how come then, account is clean?
I saw notes, always pouring in
how come then, balance is thin?
Did we spend or splurge way too much?
I never indulged nor you do as such !
Piggy was held, with utmost care
there was no hole, to run anywhere..
No leak, no steal – I am not getting
how our money , went away jetting?
Tell me honestly, were we saving well?
Book showed something, was there a shell?
Where it flew, inspite our assay?
it just vanished, one might well say !
Dad, Dad tell me, need to know now
we saved ample, still left with few…”

Dad hugged him, looked in eyes
“Listen my dear, this is old guise !
Yes, we saved, saved quiet neat
still we struggle while ends meet
we filled bin, cherished efforts of own
Don’t forget but, we are serving the loan !

When you have, debt bit high,
One goes repaying, no need to sigh..
Penny earned & penny saved, goes like a flash
don’t measure tenure, till we have petty cash.
Oh Child relax, get this thing straight
Box won’t be full, till we return the Debt !”


This is it………

“This is it…. This is it…”
You shout every day,
I can pay no heed
You still have to say.

“This is it…. This is it…”
Accept this now !
You are not a life-hero
nor the holy cow”

“This is it…. This is it…”
You stop me walking,
While I stay posed
You do that talking!

“This is it…. This is it…
Be in your realm”
Your orders perhaps
steal my show calm.

“This is it…. This is it…
Who are you anyway?
We control moments
You can only sway..”

“This is it…. This is it…”
Why ropes to tie?
Did I ever rebel?
Or gave a foul cry?

“This is it…. This is it…
Don’t ever challenge us !
You can whine everyday
about fate, time & luck !”

“This is it…. This is it…”
keeps ringing in my ear,
Abode keeps moving
yet nothing is near..

“This is it…. This is it…”
Rest is untrue,
How in vain –
the effort to woo?

“This is it…. This is it…
Don’t expect a favor,
Everything is fixed
You go anywhere…”

“This is it…. This is it…”
Clock prefers ticking
Every birth, every life
No different picking !

“This is it…. This is it…”
old rhyme goes on,
Between night & day
missing is the dawn !!

Luggage – 3

Mountain was high
and rope bit tight
Both started climbing
onto unknown height

You picked the rope
placed it right
I searched for knot
whole day and night

Taking grip every inch
you rose fast
Hands mine shook
still, I had to last

Making your way
in the rock hard & big
with a fear of failing
I was doing my jig

Reaching early there
you look back at me
I was carrying luggage
and you were free !!!!

Luggage – 2

There was a race
but no whistle blow
You started running
I must be slow

Vigor in your steps
was sharp and clean
mine was toddler
bare-foot lean

Past every march
you raise hands
I kept waving
at empty stands

You were greeted
with band, flowers, scout
My patch was thorny
had to watch out

If they wonder about
your winning spree
I was carrying luggage
and you were free !!!

New Poem – “Luggage”

My new English Poem –
You and me
have started together
you raced ahead
though I reached later

same route, same way
nothing was really new
I faced some hurdles
you too had a few

The might was there
and hopes were a lot
you started running
sigh…I could only walk

Sky was sky then
and blue was blue
You cruised far away
…I am slow now

Thing got clear
at the finishing tree
I was carrying luggage
and you were free !