The Angel Beat !

Many years ago, during one of those time-off, I was taking a casual stroll at pristine Murud beach. Sun was about to set at West horizon. Shore was sans any vacation rush which was giving me much needed seclusion and intimacy with roaring sea. At one particular spot, my feet stopped and I kept gazing at marvelous panorama spread right in front. Climate was at its best! Saffron shades of setting Sun were making water splashes look even more beautiful.

World had ceased for a moment… I was floating in the pool of extreme joy, ravishing feeling and elixir of something unknown…. There was a mystic, un-broken bond developed between me and nature. I continued getting soaked into depths of unprecedented realm for long !

Time flew. Life took queer twists and turns.

And one fine night in year 2008, the moment came again. The whole experience came knocking at my door. A teenage, honey-voiced singer was responsible for giving me back that ecstasy.

Her vocal “जाईन विचारीत रानफुला…” induced galaxy of basking sensations in me.

There was she! Pretty Young  Girl – Aarya Ambekar….  who went on to attain a special place in my mind with her melodious singing.

I had found myself in déjà-vu situation. Aarya had literally taken me back in time machine… same vibrations… same submerging of mind with infinite… With every verse of it, I was getting lost in shear bliss – subconsciously & totally ! I was re-living the whole thing !!


Aarya is an epitome of elegance. She portrays and echoes great heritage of Indian Classical and light music. The unleashing was evident since very childhood.

While she continues to hone her sublime god-gifted voice, the innocence and inquisitiveness has remained intact. She had enjoyed tremendous popularity, dedicated fan-following and pat on the back from stalwarts during magical spell in SaReGaMaPa . But in my opinion, the real craftsmanship started post competition. Aarya built on what the competition taught her in painstaking way.

Be it a crowd-puller ground event or a dicey semi-classical gathering, Aarya has decided to pour her heart out. Singing for epic movie ‘Balgandharva’ or trying out novel genres like ‘Vamayani’ makes no difference to her undeterred commitment.

Music is her life and pleasure both !


“Why it is so hard for people to change octaves while singing?” I caught Aarya asking this question at home.

“Everybody comes with some or other limitations. Being able to alter scales swiftly is not an ordinary feet“, her mother (who is her Guru in singing) was explaining, “Look Sai, some skills are inherent but some are to be acquired. There is no dearth of creativity and challenges in Indian Vocals”

“Oh.. Is it?” she now gives the archetypical Aarya Ambekar expression that is perfect blend of attentiveness, sincerity, faith, liveliness, passion, adornment and tint of naughty child.

Looking at Aarya’s face during such conversation is amazing experience of its own sort !!


Aarya’s singing hits you hard. And that too straight in the core….

The most alluring aspect of her work is the extra packed sweetness originating from her throat. At times this redolence is so overwhelming that the vocals supersede lyrics, music and tune !!

Aarya has swept many listeners off their feet with her crystal clear song delivery.

Her rendition of emotion-stuffed ‘अनामवीरा…’ left many eyes wet. The way she injected power into chart-busters like ’छमछम करता है’, ’पान खाये सैंया’ or  ’पुण्याची मैना’ was second to none.

Aarya’s spectacular ‘सरीवरी सरी आल्या गं’ takes her to the league of chosen few female singers who could aptly give complete justice to poetry of legendary बा.भ. बोरकर!

Each and every composition sung by Aarya got a Midas touch that continued delighting her audience in most satisfying manner.


Quintessential ‘Aarya Ambekar Dossier’

Persona – Fair, influential, gorgeous, stand-out

Preparations – Hard work accompanied by experiments

Pose – Ready to win over heterogeneous listeners

Passion – All seven notes and their harmony & concord!

Power – Depths & shine of mellisonant voice

Purity – In singing, in interactions, in attitude, in learning, in expressions

Proceedings – The rock-steady bang-on षडज् followed by quality performance with occasional glimpses of musical beauty spots, summing up at great heights

Pay Attention to – Her smile, pivoted ears to music, appearance and endearing gestures

Progression – From child singer to young budding artist, whopping academic success, wider acceptance and acknowledgement in musical fraternity!


Today is 16th June…. Aarya Ambekar’s birthday….

Being a true fan, its my earnest duty to pray to Almighty for her grand success and unbound happiness in all walks of the life.

Aarya is a wondrous dream that appeared in front of eyes to revive our love for quality singing…. an angel beat that keeps on haunting you to dwell into alternate universe of felicity…

While she carries on ascending greater pinnacles in world of music, we can sit back, cherish, adore, admire, savor and dive deep into the pearls of Ahhhhhhhh moments she bestowed from time to time !!

 –   Vikrant Deshmukh

(Photo Courtesy: Saurabh Kulkarni)