Nenokkadine – Perhaps the Game-Changer !!


India is country of hypocrites. Let us be candid about that. There is no dearth of double faced people in this land. On one hand so called ‘critics’ and ‘movie buffs’ keep on cribbing about lack of innovation and out-of-boxing thinking in tinsel town. But when Mahesh Babu comes with offbeat stuff like ‘Nenokkadine’, there was section of very same media that spared no words picking apart his new venture. Dear Critics, get some life please !!

Being an ardent Mahesh Babu fan, it takes me no extra cent to like what he performs on screen; I love his appearance to the death. And ‘Nenokkadine’ didn’t let me down – not even by tiny percent…

I go out for Prince Mahesh movies with few predetermined set of parameters :

(A)Blazing Action

(B) Sharp dialogues (most of those I don’t understand… because Telugu is not my mother-tongue)

(C) Pace of story

(D) Startling but appropriate twists and turns

(E) Precise delivery

Nenokkadine had all of it plus the thriller element. Something that popps up unexpectedly…. Much like Christopher Nolan work… And spectators get engulfed in guessing ‘What Next?’. Screenplay is  heavily packed with quintessential Mahesh Babu fight scenes, spine-chilling vehicles chases and shadows of past hovering everywhere… Agreed, the length is little downer, nevertheless overall impact is still striking !!

Plot :

It is customary in suspense thriller movies not to divulge too much about the storyline. We can mention few fabrics vaguely though. Protagonist Gautham, a celebrity rockstar, is suffering from ‘Integration Disorder’ – a brain condition where he would create imaginary situation/people and deals with them. The root goes back to his childhood that has seen his parents assassinated during Goa Carnival by unknown people. The killers then tried to get rid of Gautham too. He survived through that trauma, had a struggling childhood without love & warmth of parents and finally became a Superstart – but not without hand-picking killers one by one. TV Journalist Sameera – earlier chasing the case to cash in TRP, later felt in love with adorable Gautham – tries to help him recover from pathological condition and pursue other villains with the help of clue embedded in ‘Rubik’s Cube’. Few more shocks, mind-boggling convolutes and finally audience would know the mystery behind everything.

Strengths :

1)      Mahesh.. Mahesh… And Mahesh…  There is no contemporary Tollywood actor that can match the kind of superlative performance Prince Mahesh delivers on screen. The liveliness, the passion, the astonishing plunge in character and ultra-fine acting. He truly walks a mile ahead of all those Jr. NTR, Prabhas, Pawan Kalyan, Gopichand, Naga Chaitanya, Rama Charan, Ravi Teja and likes. Mahesh’s facial expressions and outrage are second to none. His dedication and attention to details are impeccable. However small or big the role may be, Mahesh put in the maximum – always !

2)      The screenplay is fabulous. This is definitely from Christopher Nolan dynasty. Grey shades of human lives… stalking past.. events making audience question everything they have seen so far… villain OR effigies of villain… vortex of mind-numbing plots… and ultimately all scattered pieces come together at climax.. Brilliantly put.. Experimental yet captivating !

3)      Kriti Sanon ! It historically established that Mahesh Babu’s movies do not render any space for arm-candies.  Nennokkadine hold this true to certain extent. But Kriti has been successful in tracing her mark in the role of effervescent ‘Sameera’. Ruthless professional TV anchor by profession but mellow hearted as girl-friend, Go-Getter media person to Gautham’s mainstay of emotional support… Kriti has done it with elegance and ample amount of gorgeousness.

4)      Innovative thinking and unorthodox story-telling


Weaknesses :

1)      Length of the movie. Certain elaboration and even action sequences could have been trimmed to make it crisp and more promising. I am sure, Sukumar will have this non-erasable lesson to his stride throughout his life!!

2)      At some nooks, screenplay assumes that theatre audience will read between the lines and get the riddles straight by themselves. Knowing the psyche of common Indian public, it is riskier proposition. This strategy could have worked in dark-classic cult but too much for mainstream fictions.

Final Verdict :

Literal meaning of word ‘Nenokkadine’ is ‘I am the One’ ! And Prince Mahesh had depicted it in grand style. If you have a good test for brain-teaser, if you rejoice whirlwind tales, if you love Mahesh Babu’s super-stunts, you won’t want to miss watching ‘Nenokkadine’ atleast once !!


4.5 out of 5