Inji Idduppazhagi (Size Zero) – Better luck next time !!

Anushka Shetty to her movies is what Sachin Tendulkar was to Indian Cricket team…the lone savior, the single handed rescuer…the Hercules who lifted weight of entire Atlas on his shoulder – with a smiling face ! Or Lord Shri Krishna from our Indian mythological tales who upheld the monstrous sized mountain Govardhan just on his little finger !! She gives more than 100% in her every endeavor but sometimes “others” don’t match up, “others” don’t size up and “others” just don’t fall in place making the end result look dismal…. Read “Others” equals to sloppy script, lackluster direction, unenthusiastic starcast, ordinary music and more importantly failure to encash on Anushka’s charming performance !!

Inji Iduppazhagi Poster

“Inji Idduppazhagi” was one of the most awaited Tamil movie for me due to its off-beat storyline and untouched subject. There have been few movies in the past trying to showcase woes of fat people in our society. Their take was mainly comical but sympathetic. When I heard Prakash Kovelamudi is casting a film on obesity with Anushka in lead role, it was a thing damn look forward to!

I managed to get first day first show to see how it is delineated on screen. Theater was nearly 1/4th occupied. “Must be Friday, a weekday”, I murmured to myself “Also, who else will rush to see a Tamil movie in Pune so frantically?” I tried to logically reason it out.

Movie started dot on time and finished on time. In the pitch dark descending stair, my mind was screaming only one question “How can you waste it dude?”…. On high level, the movie is not even fully entertaining – leave alone blockbuster league Anushka is used to.. It’s okay to watch it once to admire her efforts though overall mixture is not cooked up well… Sigh ! this could have been an epic creation… what an easy drop !! Yes, the movie indeed has social message, it has the light humor and it certainly has clandestine glamor quotient… but then you need to assemble and package it efficiently to mesmerize audience.. I guess “Inji Idduppazhagi” fails to strike that bull’s eye…

The Goods :

  1. Needless to mention the queen of Tollywood, epitome of sincerity and hardwork – Miss Anushka Shetty…. Her commitment to character is phenomenal and she leaves no stone unturned to give full justice to any role. For bubbly, fat character of ‘Sweety’ in this film, she literally sized her up – adding whopping 20 KGs in three months.. I dare to any mainstream actress to pull off this feat. Not many artists can work outside their comfort zone whereas usually seen trait of Anushka is her willingness to experiment with different genres and out-of-box roles. She seems to have studied fat fraternity too well and with miniscule details. The ease with which she portrays chubby Chennai girl is commendable one. Facial expression is always been Anushka’s ace card with which she can induce miracles. Inji Idduppazhagi gave her loads of avenues to swamp the scenes.. barring one or two she succeeded largely. But hey, at the end of day, her hardwork will be recognized and recorded in history book associated with rather lame movie.. bad luck !
  2. Pair of Arya and Anushka is fabulous. We have already seen the ravishing chemistry between them in non-orthodox ‘Iraandam Ulagam’. Here, though Arya got only spoonful of presence and thin margin of delivery, the pair looked pretty awesome to me.
  3. The central theme and idea behind ‘Size Zero’ is very good. It was a raw diamond; a good jeweler could definitely have carved out Kohinoor out of it. Cinema highlights our society’s weird perspectives and treatments to obese people. Thought provoking and introspective take !
  4. Cinematography of Nirav Shah is outstanding with his magical lenses. His camera has captured the bright mood of movie in sublime manner. Chennai never looked so beautiful and his close-ups on Anushka & Arya are of praiseworthy quality. Watch ‘Kannaalam’ song for taste 🙂anushka-injiiduppazhaki7915-m

The Bads :

  • “Where is the Script John??” I can imagine Sherlock Homes asking his ally Dr Watson. Such a brilliant concept got weakened completely due to non-sparkling script. Entertainment industry thrives on fluid plots and attention-grabbing narrations. Inji Idduppazhagi not only lacks rock-solid script but misses amusement quotient due to non-creative unfolding.
  • Direction is dull, non-uniform and non-capable of obtaining maximum yield from ensemble starcast.
  • Music in this film is a big boner. ‘Yennai Arindaal’ was saved by fascinating compositions of Haris Jayraj. Here, M M Creem performs way par below his repute. Except one song, others are pale, mostly unwanted and sans any merit.
  • Climax and drag in second half of movie is major concern. The drama is slow-death, end is non-conclusive and on top of it nobody knows where whole story is drifting. In fact, this brittle post-interval plot really marred the enhanced aesthetics of Anushka. Her ultra-gorgeous looks and adorable diction gets lost in the feeble recital towards the end !

Overall : One time watch… don’t go with magical expectations… Recognize and salute labors of Anushka.. Poor Sweety must be feeling like Sachin Tendulkar whose team finally loses the match inspite of his blazing Century !!

– Vikrant Deshmukh (Pune)