My Poems

When I wake up, first person comes to my mind is you
When I fanaticize and dream, behind closed eyes I find you
When first ray of Sun comes to embrace me, who meets me is you
When cool breeze of fresh air sings melodies in my ears, what I hear is you
When darkness ascends and moon lit up in the sky, I pray for you
When I wanted to get bewildered with awesomeness, I watch for you
When standing in the lonely lane of life, I wave my hands to you
When my heart fills with joy & bliss, I took my bounds to you
When I want to feel happy, I walk with you
When something from inside chirps, I talk to you
When I want to forget the world, I gaze at you
When you appear like princess in front of me, I praise you
When first drop of rain trickles on me, I feel you
When it comes to beauty and innocence of the entire world, its still you
When I am with anybody anytime, I miss you
When I am with you….you know that its never me but only you, you and you………
Opaque Prose – 1
When I was wandering alone,
Amidst the desert of worldly thoughts,
Indulging into my own small dreams,
You arrived behind the tender petals,
Showing off your blazing beauty and myriad ruby forms,
Everything seized for me…. in the golden madness of your devotion,
Have you noticed my astonishment? That perplexing?
Paths were definitely crossing each other,
Birds were merrily singing together,
I could sense blush on your face while talking to me,
I could feel warmth of your persona ….
Dry leafs and empty clouds,
The miseries of my companionship always hurt you,
Rocky patches in the way of union,
Thorns set on the abode of still lake,
That unfinished story ….
Is still standing stark on my tired face….
In the same dark valley…..
Waiting for the epilogue !!!!
Opaque Prose – 2
There was no Story.
And no silver lining at the edge of core.
From the window of my small hut,
What I saw was a perfect delusion.
Not all stories have happy end,
And not all beats are melodious.
There was no Story.
Standing on my trembling feet at the base,
I dreamt about the palace on the mountain top.
Not all journeys take you till destination.
There was no Story.
With my torn out limbs,
I tried to catch waxing moon.
Not all skies accommodate the restless soul.
There was no Story.
Indeed there was no story.
On the lonely long road of return,
The pinching truth was spread all over.
That there was never a Story…………
Poems of A Struggling Seeker
– I –
Sun rises and sets.
The melody of universe keeps on playing.
Struggling seeker takes a long pause.
Churning mind… pulls of material world…. Clashes of conflicts
On the road less traveled,
One has to set the priorities right.
World tends to diminish.
Seeker could identify dew drops on mortal faces.
At the wake of intense battle,
Struggling seeker adjusts his own tiny resources.
– II –
The long road towards unknown sea shore,
Effigies of cosmic disciples,
Faint footprints of mystic evaders,
Struggling seeker shows characteristic enthusiasm.
He has little moments and great hopes,
He has little luck and great efforts,
He has little comfort and great will.
Fading light warns him about the end.
Struggling seeker has to be on his own always………..
– III –
Your are wandering alone….
On a secluded road…..
In fading daylight and thick silence…
You wonder, where the entire world had vanished….
Where are all those mad, deafening noises?
Where are those tired people running in rat race?
Where are those illusory ambitions and fragile solace?
You take a pause…..
Long shadows of your past are still hovering on zenith….
Deep in the ninth layer of your subconscious mind,
You still feel mystic fear….
Fear of uncertainty and fear of losing out….
You remember,
You had taken oath to transcend beyond life…
You had decided to be unconditionally free….
The heavy feeling of your own gravity,
Still haunts you in whatever way….
You still wonder where all people have gone…
People, who crossed your voyage every now & then…
You thought for a moment..
Mortal world now surely can’t make you happy….
Sun is set….. night has taken over everything…. in its dark veil…
You wonder again…
What is the real truth?
The bright sunlight that diminishes as time passes
Or the dense darkness…
Life or death…..
Pleasures or misery….
Success or failure…..
Me or world…..
But you have to walk….
Abode is still far away…..
“Real traveler never mind the hurdles” you murmur with yourself….
When visibility is less, your own road looks unfamiliar….
You continue treading….
Perhaps that is your chronic idea of survival !!!!!!!
Staying Present !!
No more drifting in past…….
Shaking away the worries of future….
Stay in presence….the eternal presence……
Where life meets us most intimately and fully……
Turn within….
To the divine glory…..
To the inner self…..
Stay in presence….the eternal presence……
Living from moment to moment…..
Ceasing concepts of clock-time…….
At the very place of Godly abode…..
Stay in presence….the eternal presence……
To The Master…
Sitting at thy beloved feet
Shyly looking for thy divine grace,
Oh Master,
Remembering your eternal message
‘Tat-Twam-Asi’ – Thou That Art.
Quest of many births
Thirst unquenched since eons,
Remembering your lifted finger
And mention of that definite verse,
….. Stir in my wandering mind
And guiding star in my traverse,
Your calm but revealing words
Your love, warmth and empathy,
My tiny hands, narrow eyes
Couldn’t embrace the truth all-pervading.
Rekindled sojourns…… after your kind look,
Leaps towards crests
And the stark realization……
I am NOT.
Its Only YOU.
Only YOU.

2 thoughts on “My Poems

  1. hello
    when did you put these poems on the blog? i didn’t even know about their presence!
    All the poems are good, deep and leaning towards metaphysical thought.
    One suggestion, don’t dwell too much in the past. it can only hurt you.You are too good a person to waste your energy on something that is past and done with.

  2. Dear Vikrant…To the Masters…. is the best one I liked the most. English poems are equally BEST like Marathi. Marathi Bhasha prabhutwa tar ahech tuza pan English Poems are also very very godd. …All the best and i hope we will be delighted with such nice poems and blogs in future too…
    “Tuzya Lekhanicha Prawas Anant Anadi Kal Asach Baharat Jawa”…Kshitija

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