Nenokkadine – Perhaps the Game-Changer !!


India is country of hypocrites. Let us be candid about that. There is no dearth of double faced people in this land. On one hand so called ‘critics’ and ‘movie buffs’ keep on cribbing about lack of innovation and out-of-boxing thinking in tinsel town. But when Mahesh Babu comes with offbeat stuff like ‘Nenokkadine’, there was section of very same media that spared no words picking apart his new venture. Dear Critics, get some life please !!

Being an ardent Mahesh Babu fan, it takes me no extra cent to like what he performs on screen; I love his appearance to the death. And ‘Nenokkadine’ didn’t let me down – not even by tiny percent…

I go out for Prince Mahesh movies with few predetermined set of parameters :

(A)Blazing Action

(B) Sharp dialogues (most of those I don’t understand… because Telugu is not my mother-tongue)

(C) Pace of story

(D) Startling but appropriate twists and turns

(E) Precise delivery

Nenokkadine had all of it plus the thriller element. Something that popps up unexpectedly…. Much like Christopher Nolan work… And spectators get engulfed in guessing ‘What Next?’. Screenplay is  heavily packed with quintessential Mahesh Babu fight scenes, spine-chilling vehicles chases and shadows of past hovering everywhere… Agreed, the length is little downer, nevertheless overall impact is still striking !!

Plot :

It is customary in suspense thriller movies not to divulge too much about the storyline. We can mention few fabrics vaguely though. Protagonist Gautham, a celebrity rockstar, is suffering from ‘Integration Disorder’ – a brain condition where he would create imaginary situation/people and deals with them. The root goes back to his childhood that has seen his parents assassinated during Goa Carnival by unknown people. The killers then tried to get rid of Gautham too. He survived through that trauma, had a struggling childhood without love & warmth of parents and finally became a Superstart – but not without hand-picking killers one by one. TV Journalist Sameera – earlier chasing the case to cash in TRP, later felt in love with adorable Gautham – tries to help him recover from pathological condition and pursue other villains with the help of clue embedded in ‘Rubik’s Cube’. Few more shocks, mind-boggling convolutes and finally audience would know the mystery behind everything.

Strengths :

1)      Mahesh.. Mahesh… And Mahesh…  There is no contemporary Tollywood actor that can match the kind of superlative performance Prince Mahesh delivers on screen. The liveliness, the passion, the astonishing plunge in character and ultra-fine acting. He truly walks a mile ahead of all those Jr. NTR, Prabhas, Pawan Kalyan, Gopichand, Naga Chaitanya, Rama Charan, Ravi Teja and likes. Mahesh’s facial expressions and outrage are second to none. His dedication and attention to details are impeccable. However small or big the role may be, Mahesh put in the maximum – always !

2)      The screenplay is fabulous. This is definitely from Christopher Nolan dynasty. Grey shades of human lives… stalking past.. events making audience question everything they have seen so far… villain OR effigies of villain… vortex of mind-numbing plots… and ultimately all scattered pieces come together at climax.. Brilliantly put.. Experimental yet captivating !

3)      Kriti Sanon ! It historically established that Mahesh Babu’s movies do not render any space for arm-candies.  Nennokkadine hold this true to certain extent. But Kriti has been successful in tracing her mark in the role of effervescent ‘Sameera’. Ruthless professional TV anchor by profession but mellow hearted as girl-friend, Go-Getter media person to Gautham’s mainstay of emotional support… Kriti has done it with elegance and ample amount of gorgeousness.

4)      Innovative thinking and unorthodox story-telling


Weaknesses :

1)      Length of the movie. Certain elaboration and even action sequences could have been trimmed to make it crisp and more promising. I am sure, Sukumar will have this non-erasable lesson to his stride throughout his life!!

2)      At some nooks, screenplay assumes that theatre audience will read between the lines and get the riddles straight by themselves. Knowing the psyche of common Indian public, it is riskier proposition. This strategy could have worked in dark-classic cult but too much for mainstream fictions.

Final Verdict :

Literal meaning of word ‘Nenokkadine’ is ‘I am the One’ ! And Prince Mahesh had depicted it in grand style. If you have a good test for brain-teaser, if you rejoice whirlwind tales, if you love Mahesh Babu’s super-stunts, you won’t want to miss watching ‘Nenokkadine’ atleast once !!


4.5 out of 5


‘Yeto Vellipoyindhi Manasu’ Let’s lose heart…


Accept it or not, Gautham Menon is a different breed of tinsel town. He is innovatory and steers clear of mundane plots.

One hardly gets eye-balls popped up or chill going up the spine while watching GM work. But there is exquisiteness & delicacy. On the other hand, he is astonishingly simple and connective to our lives.

Gautham’s new flick ‘Yeto Vellipoyindhi Manasu’ endorses all archetypical attributes yet again. If you love Nani, you ought to watch YVM. If you are mad for Samantha, you ought to watch YVM. If you are die-hard fan of Ilaiyaraaja, you ought to watch YVM. If your taste is for sublime, subtle romantic narratives, you ought to watch YVM. And if you wish to be part of endearing tale of ‘Hide & Seek’ along shore of love life, you ought to watch YVM…..

Literal meaning of title is ‘you have stolen my heart-strings…’ and going by name there is this stealing business aka love written all over.

Form the trailers and teasers, it was anticipated (and feared) to be another college story – much in the lines of ‘Happy Days’. Gautham carefully avoided the trap and set it well poised over the timeline.


YVM is primarily the roller-coaster ride of the relationship between Varun (enacted by Nani) and Nithya (gorgeous Samantha) that gets unfolded every now & then throughout the movie. They are childhood friends, if not close, which enjoy each other’s company pretty well. It takes one fine day to break the friendship due to almost forcible partition of pair by Varun’s elder brother. Little Nithya gets deeply hurt and carries that resentment till higher secondary school days. When encountered during 10th class, Nithya makes it even by outrightly rejecting Varun’s  advances to befriend again.

However, Varun’s sincere efforts to build the bridges pay off and she gets along him nicely.  Thanks to quoted ‘Cute Boy’ image Varun has earned, Nithya finds a pride, comfort and juvenile love in his company. Here viewers are apprised of the striking contrasts of financial backgrounds of protagonists. Nithya hails from a filthy rich family who can afford to allocate a plush car for her commuting to school whereas Varun is part of middle class ménage staying in average downtown of Hyderabad.
While Varun is going to spend holidays by visiting home town, Nithya casually mentions their plans of having vacations in Australia !  Story moves on…. and after few frames of pinky basked moments, another rift comes between the couple. This time the reason is rather childish.

Nithya gets elected as School leader and wants Varun to join the league too. However, owing to his life ideology, he plainly refuses to get pulled in unnecessary chores.  Altercations prevail and they unknowingly bruise each other verbally – so much to the extent that Nithya pronounces “It’s over!”……

Cut to the life in 20’s…. The bubbly college days…. Vaurn has added muscularity to his ‘Cute Boy’ postage by keeping a stubble and Nithya ‘has turned into a woman’ as pointed by Varun in one of their conversation over coffee. The natural attraction towards each other resurfaces and while overcoming the jitteriness, Varun tries to win her heart by employing many antics. The melodious song he performs during musical competition, receives her accolades and Nithya’s friends almost push her to respond to Varun’s incessant attempts. While camaraderie continues, now they start seeing the mild sprout of romance emerging. Finally on one rainy night (and coincidently its Nithya’s birthday), she proposes him.
The world becomes suddenly resonant for the couple and they get immersed into fathoms of companionship, overlooking the outer world completely ! Cinematographer M.S. Prabhu deserves a pat on his back for stupendous capturing of feelings and meaningful camera frames.

yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu posters

Gautham’s films are not without hurdles for cupid. While Varun-Nithya are just going overboard, comes another twist. Varun’s elder brother gets rejected by a girl from arranged marriage set-up due to the financial mis-match of families. The rejection leaves a dent in Varun’s parents mind.

To cover up the brooding they bring up the hard realities of life and have passing mention of marriage partner suitability to match the family values. Also, the need to study higher and earn a fat salaried job is presented as inevitable choice. This changes Varun’s course of life. He has to put in those serious hours to score and strive hard to attain premium career. He chooses to appear for CAT exam and get into IIM.

This naturally takes a toll on his daily routine and Nithya, who is back from her holidays in Edinburgh (Scotland), feels left high & dry. Noteworthy changes in behavior of Varun maker her unhappy and on the verge of anguish. To set matter clear, she tries to open different channels of communication but things roll up in bizarre sequence and couple is in distress again.

When Varun cracks the CAT exam and wishes to enroll for Management College in Kerala, Nithya cannot imagine the parting pain of staying away from him for 2 long years. The fracas on terrace of Varun’s building is almost predictable. Varun denies Nithya to accompany her to Kerala because he wants to concentrate fully on studies and make it big. She is wounded and their paths separate !

Two years flow by and Varun, now holding a premium MBA degree and cozy job, sets out to find Nithya. He is informed that Nithya now works as school-teacher in Tsunami  Rehabilitation camp located somewhere at unknown sea-bank of Tamilnadu. Varun, with his & her friends, makes it there, only to find her retorting about his delayed comeback. Varun tries no stone unturned to explain her about his position and why he opted the career ahead of love life for stipulated period of time. He even sends her those 473 emails which were composed as ‘draft’ during his MBA days but were never delivered to Nithya. According to him, he missed her day in & day out and was waiting for re-unite again.

Nithya, however, is very firm on her thinking. She questions his priorities and abrasively avers that its always been his decisions that got all the attention & execution. It’s a moment of denial and Varun seems to have taken it to his heart. He leaves the place and tries to heal his contused mind. Meanwhile, Nithya keeps on dwelling between right & wrong, per her inner voice….


When Nithya comes to Hyderabad to be part of her friend’s wedding, she suddenly feels like touch-basing Varun. Met over secluded coffee table, Varun breaks the news of him getting engaged to another girl ‘Radhika’ who according to him & his family is ‘very simple girl with middle class values!’

Not knowing how to react, Nithya tried to control herself but promised Varun to come over for wedding.

On eve of Wedding, when she sees Varun with Radhika, it becomes the most difficult picture to assimilate. At night, she parks outside Varun’s colony and waits for him sobbingly. Varun, equally disturbed by having Nithya at wedding ceremony, calls her. They meet at parking & at terrace where both allege each other for forcing to see this day. Both spend next many hours together quarrelling, driving, leg-pulling & silently taking solace in each other’s company. Varun, trying to put things in right perspective, bids her good-bye with no intention of letting her come in his life again. However, numerous moments of togetherness cloud in both minds. When he enters house, his father gets engaged in brief discussion with him and redirects to Nithya – than marrying with Radhika !

Having listened to remote corners of heart, Varun makes up his mind and dashes into Nithya’s home pretty early in the morning. Another turmoil of expressions, uncovering of eternal love & weight out down in favor of being soul-mates for each other and presto! The couple is back on the songs …


When the closing credits are rolling over, viewers slowly get out of the plot and regain the nuances of our world. One might criticize YVM for its snail pace that may hamper today’s fast-food audience. But Gautham maintains his creativity by intricately weaving the tale frame by frame. He could have edited it better to omit some ‘what-they-are-doing-here?’ type scenes 😛

The climax might not go well with few whereas the place for songs is expected to have got precisely designed. Barring those minor flaws, it is absolute clean entertainment containerized in 2 hour 15 minutes saga. Gautham doesn’t proclaim larger-than-life characters and fiction. He also keeps it to the basics to unearth the beauty of the script. From that angle, YVM is well crafted. Though predominantly created for younger viewership, it is the adorable story at the helm that produced the magic.


Nani, is awesome playing Varun, the guy with cool head on his shoulders. While his affection for Nithya is axiomatic throughout the movie, he depicted the finer aspects of Varun’s personality with great ease. Nani is the class of actors who work really hard to carve out the performances of extremely high caliber. I admire him for bang-on delivery and praiseworthy portrayal.

Samantha is the new name for beauteousness. Who will forget her epic Jessie from ‘Ye Maya Chesave’? Being at the fore of movie, she has ruled emphatically.  Nobody conveys feeling like Samantha does.  With uncanny gift of crystal beauty, she conjures the audience by way of ultra-gorgeous appearance.

Nithya is a very stubborn, sensitive and steadfast girlfriend. She always wants to put relationship ahead of all things in life and frequently gets caught up between subtle & gross. Samantha impersonates Nithya in the way that probably nobody else can. Be it slightly raised eyebrows or those mind-blowing twinkles, be a stern, witty reply given to a chasing boyfriend or break down at loss, Samantha does it all with her charisma. She has that extra-terrestrial aura of splendidness needed for making the character unforgettable. Like Jessie, Nithya is bound to stay in the memory footprints of her fans forever.


Music is pleasant but as said, could have been placed more wisely in the stream of things. Co-artists have played the roles religiously making the film as seamless as it can.

If you wish to savor the classic romance blended in new-age effervescence, ‘Yeto  Vellipoyindhi Manasu’ is the most fruitful choice. Gautham Menon has meet the expectations of multiplex crowd and young generation by putting down simple screenplay and as the movie poster says “This could be your love story !!” ……… Perhaps it will be the biggest factor of YVM’s success… !!

– Vikrant Deshmukh


(Content Copyright : Vikrant Deshmukh)

The Angel Beat !

Many years ago, during one of those time-off, I was taking a casual stroll at pristine Murud beach. Sun was about to set at West horizon. Shore was sans any vacation rush which was giving me much needed seclusion and intimacy with roaring sea. At one particular spot, my feet stopped and I kept gazing at marvelous panorama spread right in front. Climate was at its best! Saffron shades of setting Sun were making water splashes look even more beautiful.

World had ceased for a moment… I was floating in the pool of extreme joy, ravishing feeling and elixir of something unknown…. There was a mystic, un-broken bond developed between me and nature. I continued getting soaked into depths of unprecedented realm for long !

Time flew. Life took queer twists and turns.

And one fine night in year 2008, the moment came again. The whole experience came knocking at my door. A teenage, honey-voiced singer was responsible for giving me back that ecstasy.

Her vocal “जाईन विचारीत रानफुला…” induced galaxy of basking sensations in me.

There was she! Pretty Young  Girl – Aarya Ambekar….  who went on to attain a special place in my mind with her melodious singing.

I had found myself in déjà-vu situation. Aarya had literally taken me back in time machine… same vibrations… same submerging of mind with infinite… With every verse of it, I was getting lost in shear bliss – subconsciously & totally ! I was re-living the whole thing !!


Aarya is an epitome of elegance. She portrays and echoes great heritage of Indian Classical and light music. The unleashing was evident since very childhood.

While she continues to hone her sublime god-gifted voice, the innocence and inquisitiveness has remained intact. She had enjoyed tremendous popularity, dedicated fan-following and pat on the back from stalwarts during magical spell in SaReGaMaPa . But in my opinion, the real craftsmanship started post competition. Aarya built on what the competition taught her in painstaking way.

Be it a crowd-puller ground event or a dicey semi-classical gathering, Aarya has decided to pour her heart out. Singing for epic movie ‘Balgandharva’ or trying out novel genres like ‘Vamayani’ makes no difference to her undeterred commitment.

Music is her life and pleasure both !


“Why it is so hard for people to change octaves while singing?” I caught Aarya asking this question at home.

“Everybody comes with some or other limitations. Being able to alter scales swiftly is not an ordinary feet“, her mother (who is her Guru in singing) was explaining, “Look Sai, some skills are inherent but some are to be acquired. There is no dearth of creativity and challenges in Indian Vocals”

“Oh.. Is it?” she now gives the archetypical Aarya Ambekar expression that is perfect blend of attentiveness, sincerity, faith, liveliness, passion, adornment and tint of naughty child.

Looking at Aarya’s face during such conversation is amazing experience of its own sort !!


Aarya’s singing hits you hard. And that too straight in the core….

The most alluring aspect of her work is the extra packed sweetness originating from her throat. At times this redolence is so overwhelming that the vocals supersede lyrics, music and tune !!

Aarya has swept many listeners off their feet with her crystal clear song delivery.

Her rendition of emotion-stuffed ‘अनामवीरा…’ left many eyes wet. The way she injected power into chart-busters like ’छमछम करता है’, ’पान खाये सैंया’ or  ’पुण्याची मैना’ was second to none.

Aarya’s spectacular ‘सरीवरी सरी आल्या गं’ takes her to the league of chosen few female singers who could aptly give complete justice to poetry of legendary बा.भ. बोरकर!

Each and every composition sung by Aarya got a Midas touch that continued delighting her audience in most satisfying manner.


Quintessential ‘Aarya Ambekar Dossier’

Persona – Fair, influential, gorgeous, stand-out

Preparations – Hard work accompanied by experiments

Pose – Ready to win over heterogeneous listeners

Passion – All seven notes and their harmony & concord!

Power – Depths & shine of mellisonant voice

Purity – In singing, in interactions, in attitude, in learning, in expressions

Proceedings – The rock-steady bang-on षडज् followed by quality performance with occasional glimpses of musical beauty spots, summing up at great heights

Pay Attention to – Her smile, pivoted ears to music, appearance and endearing gestures

Progression – From child singer to young budding artist, whopping academic success, wider acceptance and acknowledgement in musical fraternity!


Today is 16th June…. Aarya Ambekar’s birthday….

Being a true fan, its my earnest duty to pray to Almighty for her grand success and unbound happiness in all walks of the life.

Aarya is a wondrous dream that appeared in front of eyes to revive our love for quality singing…. an angel beat that keeps on haunting you to dwell into alternate universe of felicity…

While she carries on ascending greater pinnacles in world of music, we can sit back, cherish, adore, admire, savor and dive deep into the pearls of Ahhhhhhhh moments she bestowed from time to time !!

 –   Vikrant Deshmukh

(Photo Courtesy: Saurabh Kulkarni)

Short story – “Lady With The Dog”

This was not the first time I saw her. Almost everyday, same time and almost at same place, we use to cross each other.

The jogging park – a place that means different things to different people. I am not a fitness freak. Neither I crave for socializing at public places. But somehow I like taking a morning walk much before start of bustling of mad city crowd.
I ensure not to be friendly with anyone while I perform my chore pretty religiously. This is my private space of time. Time to dwell on life and to think about the unfathomable depths of my own mind!

First time I saw her, she was taking her dog for walk. It was misty morning in late July. Rainy season poses a great deal of problem for all hounds. It wipes out their identification marks, leaving them utterly confused. Much like a metropolitan huber middle class people!! Identity crisis…. Not finding anything to cling… sigh.
The lady was having hard time controlling the puppy. She must be in her early thirties with kinky body and stern looks. With no trace of any hurry, she was trying to guide her doggy on the main pathway of park. I was vaguely observing their theatrical actions. When owner & pet almost collided with me, I had to give up my meditative state.
“Watch out”, I thundered, appearing as ruthless as I can.
“This stupid animal is going to put me in real danger some day” she said without having even a slight sign of repentance.
I chose not to extend the conversation.
She wasn’t interested in wasting time with nonchalant stranger either!

Winter comes with ravishing new hopes in otherwise dull life.
With a steep drop in temperature, usually there is sizable reduction in Jogging Park visitors.
The reduced count, however, posed me much needed seclusion.
That day I entered the garden with both my palms snugly tucked inside overcoat.
After customary warm-up, I decided to hit the road – not before spotting her dog after so many days.
“She must be there around… Cranky lady”, I murmured myself.
First dense layer of fog resided & there was she. Helplessly running after her pet!
I paused for a moment and gave a smile.
“The beast is giving you a hard time, isn’t it?” my voice was sans any courtesy that was very much needed for breaking the ice.
She somehow acknowledged my intent and stopped for while.
“Yeah… yeah…” was the too pre-meditated response from purple clad woman “He is becoming more and more insane!”
I hate owners when they started talking about their pets as if they are speaking of any family members. But the magnetic modulation of her voice was enough to mellow my heart.
“You seem to be very irregular here”. I pinpointed.
“Yess… My work and other things. He suffers. Doesn’t get to come here.” She pointed to her dog who was waiting for our small talk to end.
“Yeah. I don’t remember when I saw both of you last time.” I brought a philosophical expression on my face.
“Do you keep eye on who come here?” She asked while laughing naughtily.
“Only if the subject is amusing”.
There was 3 stage transformation occurred in her facial expression. It travelled from shyness to anxiety. I must say, she looked atleast 10 years younger when she did that.
“What about you? You look like a life member of this facility!” It was her turn to interrogate now.
“Free Will. I chose to come as and when my mind orders. And I have lot of time to do so.” I had swallowed the word “Unlike Yours” painstakingly.
“Great.. Lucky guy.”
“Free will. Just exercising it.”
“Good for you. ‘Lear’ always has a craving to paint the town red. This is the place where I let him off somewhat”.
Got it. Lear – the German Shepherd – was the reason for this lady to grace this park with her presence. Ahem.. Ahem…

However I hated to do so, I started walking by her side when the lady was busy controlling Lear from troubling others.
“Lear is unlike other dogs. He loves & cares so much.” This was the typical sentence I must have heard almost 1000 times from owners of all kinds of pets. Mothers and pet-owners never see any fault in their possessions. Pardon them, I was busy in noticing the elegance and grace the lady was bestowed with!

“So what do you do for earning?”
“umm… I am a freelance Business Analyst. ERP solutions. Something to do with corporate softwares & strategy formations. ” I was looking for threshold between being elaborative & boring. She seems to have connected it properly.
“Great. Must be a white-collared, fat paycheck thing.”
“Depends. I don’t chase after lots of money. I take up assignments only when they are intellectually challenging enough.”
It may have sounded a cliché but I had to say that.

We paused under the only Banyan tree in vicinity. Lear didn’t agree to the idea to rest like a Lazy shopkeeper on summer afternoon. He was animated and loud.
“Sejal. And they sometimes call me Seju.”
The beauty finally gave away a neckbelt that was preventing Lear from running berserk.
Lear was happy to jump and roll on velvet grass.
Sejal looked at me with subtle grin. I was in no mood to appreciate or to talk about frenzy actions he was displaying.
“So… What’s the thing about you?” I carefully constructed my question without appearing too forthcoming.
“Huhh… Nothing. Do you want me to divulge too much to a person whom I have just met?” came point blank question.
“Free will.” I shrugged.
Moment or two passed in utter silence. Lear had started biting the empty Mcdonald thick shake tin.
I turned to her and said, “You are what you are looking for !!”
…(To Be Continued)

The Debt

Another metaphorical piece written by me – “The Debt”!
In this poem, a small boy keeps on asking his father perennial questions about their current situation and wonders why their efforts didn’t get proportionate results. Father tries to inform the kid in simple terms about the obligations & liability they carry. There are passing pointers to Karmic influences, planetary controls and Past birth regression – left to the free-whirl interpretations of reader’s mind.

That was the day, damp and gloomy
the kid asked Dad, “Can you tell me?
We had enough, earned just fine
how come then, account is clean?
I saw notes, always pouring in
how come then, balance is thin?
Did we spend or splurge way too much?
I never indulged nor you do as such !
Piggy was held, with utmost care
there was no hole, to run anywhere..
No leak, no steal – I am not getting
how our money , went away jetting?
Tell me honestly, were we saving well?
Book showed something, was there a shell?
Where it flew, inspite our assay?
it just vanished, one might well say !
Dad, Dad tell me, need to know now
we saved ample, still left with few…”

Dad hugged him, looked in eyes
“Listen my dear, this is old guise !
Yes, we saved, saved quiet neat
still we struggle while ends meet
we filled bin, cherished efforts of own
Don’t forget but, we are serving the loan !

When you have, debt bit high,
One goes repaying, no need to sigh..
Penny earned & penny saved, goes like a flash
don’t measure tenure, till we have petty cash.
Oh Child relax, get this thing straight
Box won’t be full, till we return the Debt !”

This is it………

“This is it…. This is it…”
You shout every day,
I can pay no heed
You still have to say.

“This is it…. This is it…”
Accept this now !
You are not a life-hero
nor the holy cow”

“This is it…. This is it…”
You stop me walking,
While I stay posed
You do that talking!

“This is it…. This is it…
Be in your realm”
Your orders perhaps
steal my show calm.

“This is it…. This is it…
Who are you anyway?
We control moments
You can only sway..”

“This is it…. This is it…”
Why ropes to tie?
Did I ever rebel?
Or gave a foul cry?

“This is it…. This is it…
Don’t ever challenge us !
You can whine everyday
about fate, time & luck !”

“This is it…. This is it…”
keeps ringing in my ear,
Abode keeps moving
yet nothing is near..

“This is it…. This is it…”
Rest is untrue,
How in vain –
the effort to woo?

“This is it…. This is it…
Don’t expect a favor,
Everything is fixed
You go anywhere…”

“This is it…. This is it…”
Clock prefers ticking
Every birth, every life
No different picking !

“This is it…. This is it…”
old rhyme goes on,
Between night & day
missing is the dawn !!

Luggage – 3

Mountain was high
and rope bit tight
Both started climbing
onto unknown height

You picked the rope
placed it right
I searched for knot
whole day and night

Taking grip every inch
you rose fast
Hands mine shook
still, I had to last

Making your way
in the rock hard & big
with a fear of failing
I was doing my jig

Reaching early there
you look back at me
I was carrying luggage
and you were free !!!!