* Leadership Qualities And Night King *

[A note by Vikrant Deshmukh]

Night King in Game of Thrones is the epitome of leadership and new-aged (Pun intended!) Management style. While commanding the army of white walkers and deads aka Wights, he does display some fabulous characteristics that Corporates would love to imbibe. Let’s take a sneak peek.

(1) Leading from the front :
Night King always was the one to draw first blood. He spearheads the attack and ensures to deliver the opening blow. And he chooses toughest targets for himself. At the time of invasion on Eastwatch-By-The-Sea, he led from the front and destroyed the heritage wall with vigor thus saving tremendous labor of his workforce. Night King wants to be at the helm for all crucial combats.

(2) Targeting the Key issues first :
Night King’s strategy is usually well thought of and meticulous. He believes in concentrating on problems that give maximum gain. During Hardhome battle, his aim was to get as many wildings as possible for converting into Wights. So he allowed John and Tormund to escape but focused his energies on larger population. During open war, he skillfully eyed and killed Danny’s dragon. This gave big setback to Targeryans and added a valuable resource to White-Walker army that proved a game-changer during Wall destruction. Night King has this quality of identifying the biggest problem area and resolving it as priority one.

(3) Man of less words :
Night king doesn’t believe in over-the-top motivational speeches or preaching. He would rather speak through actions. Night King’s success story is comprised of small yet effective steps he has taken from time to time with almost no rallies and meetings or discussion forums !

(4) Excellent Decision Making :
Night King carries a very cool head on his shoulders (Pun intended and emphatically delivered !!) that helps him to take accurately measured decisions. He is good in ‘Wait and Watch’ game. While always keen to seize the right opportunity, he has uncanny ability to patiently stay on sidelines to weather the storm. Some of his decisions like converting Monsters into Wight or to capture the corpse of Dragon Viserion, proved landmark in the course of battles.

(5) Result yielding Leadership :
One of the reason Night King managed to secure this ever increasing army was his cent percent success rate in every endeavor. He demonstrated precision in strategy formation and execution. His moves, inspired by his quest of conquering the world, always met happy end thus invoking great degree of confidence and faith in his followers.

(6) Respond, not react :
You must have seen Night King taking retaliation measures in very composed and decisive way. He would not lose his cool even during those instigating times. It saved him any anxious goofups on the battlefield. One of the key mantra behind Night King’s winning streak is his ability to take actions with rock-steady state of mind. These actions are induced on its own accord and not necessarily fueled by any opponent moves.

(7) Awareness of weak areas :
Inspite of being triumphant, Night King is well aware of prevailing shortcomings of the team. He, therefore, chose to keep rivals away from weapons with Valeryan Steel or knocked out fire-breathing Dragon that would have weakened his troops. He also refrained from marching on melting ice knowing the swimming constraints of the wights.

(8) Selfless Moto :
There is no personal agenda or hidden ambition behind Night King’s conquest on Westeros. He is not power-greedy ruler. No one has seen or heard NK bragging about his magical powers and unbeatable armory. The only reason he is crossing Wall is to save their community from unprecedented winter and provide them a plausible habitat. Its all for community !!

(9) Undeterred Mission :
With the end in mind, Night King hardly gets swayed from his ongoing Project. He would always keep ultimate target in mind and walk towards it conclusively.

(10) Nothing personal :
Last but not least, the Night King equates all opponents with same degree of rivalship. Nobel houses, stray banners, lone fighters, tribal army and foreigners, all are same for him and his soldiers. He doesn’t hold grudges against any particular person or animal. For him, its all for official cause hence no personal dimensions to any of the fight.

– Vikrant Deshmukh